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The technical and informational materials provided in our resources library offer detail explanations concerning water quality control systems, application technologies and engineering specifications. If you have questions concerning what system and/or application is right for your water, check out our library.

These articles are compliments of Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine and Pargreen Water Technologies. We are currently featuring articles authored by Matthew Wirth, Pargreen’s General Manager of Water.  Mr. Wirth is a Water Specialist with over 40-years’ experience in Industrial, Commercial and Residential water treatment. He holds a MN Water Conditioning Master’s License and a BA from Concordia Univ. in St. Paul, MN. Matt received his engineering training at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, SD. We will be adding other authors during the year.

Using Science When Solving Water-Quality Issues

Water professionals are asked to solve water-quality issues. The task requires sound science and engineering to accomplish solutions that are reliable, maintainable, and environmentally responsible. Click here to read the article.

The Magic of Manganese Dioxide: What It Is and Why You Should Care

This article focusses on the catalyst of MnO2 (manganese dioxide) and how it works to assist in the removal of iron, manganese and low levels of sulfur gas from water. Click here to read the article.

How Fast Can We Run? Ion Exchange Reaction Zones

How Fast Can We Run offers a detailed explanation related to water softener flow rates – both commercial and residential. This article covers the science of softener resin beds and describes the functionality of the resin in terms of flow and capacity. Click here to read the article.

It’s Tough Being a Resin Bead

“It’s Tough…” is Mr. Wirth’s the most republished, referenced and popular Spotlight article. It covers the conditions of operation that surround the use of ion exchange resin used to soften water. In this article, the reader learns what to expect in terms of resin life, operation in harsh conditions and tools for preventive maintenance. Click here to read the article.

Small System Filtration?

In “Small System Filtration” learn about the options for separating solids from water and improving water quality by removing impurities. Click here to read the article.

Iron and Manganese Removal – A Tech Brief

This article is a technical discussing outlining the options for removing iron and manganese from water. In addition, it offers performance details and cautions retailed to the technologies used by water professionals to control the nuisance water-borne metals. Click here to read the article.