Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis That Produces Safety-Certified, Fresh Water. And Conserves it Too!

Pargreen Reverse Osmosis Pentair FreshPoint

High Performance NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis System

FreshPoint Reverse Osmosis Systems deliver worry-free water in a snap. Our unique “click and enjoy” design simplifies cartridge exchange with technology certified to provide excellent water. The GRO-350 is a three-stage reverse osmosis system that reduces many contaminants, including lead, fluoride, dissolved solids and cysts.

Product Features:

  • High-Efficiency Membrane products 1 gallon of good water for every gallon it flushes. (Other RO systems are 1 gallon good for 4 gallons of wastewater)
  • Reduces more than 90% of all contaminants found in water using its NSF 58 certified technology
  • Delivers high quality water that allows you to truly taste the flavor of beverages
  • Color coded cartridges maintain proper filter sequence
  • 3/8″ push fittings for easy installation
  • Effortless click-in cartridge change-outs
  • High efficiency membrane technology delivers up to 50 gallons per day
  • (Optional) Integrated booster pump for low pressure applications increases production
Pargreen Reverse Osmosis HERO

Zero Waste Water System

The H.E.R.O. wastes virtually no water, offering a 99.9% recovery rate by collecting purified water in the storage tank and recycling the rinse water back for use throughout the house rather than sending it to the drain. The system also flushes the membrane with pure RO water every time the tank is full to ensure that high TDS water never creeps through the membrane during low pressure times.  After this flush, the controller de-pressurizes the membrane so that only pure, high quality RO water is produced when the system restarts. This process allows the H.E.R.O to provide up to 99% Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rejection.

Comparable systems typically waste 4-12 gallons for every gallon of RO water produced.

Product Features:

  • Heavy duty glass filled polypropylene construction provides double the strength, toughness and durability compared to most other RO’s which are typically constructed with ABS
  • TFC 75 GPD reverse osmosis membrane provides up to 99% Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rejection
  • Pre-filters 10’’ five (5) micron Spun Polypropylene Sediment Cartridge and 10’’ Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Quick connect fittings for easy installation
  • 3/8’’ outlet tubing for higher flows
  • An exclusive serviceable check valve that eliminates spring ‘chatter’ noise common in other RO’s Automatic shut-off valve

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