EverGreen Wholehouse Iron and Carbon Filters

Environmentally-friendly, Sustainable, Chemical-Free Water Filtration To Conserve Water and Eliminate Maintenance… with a Lifetime Wear Parts Guarantee.  

EverGreen By Pargreen
EverGreen Valve Lifetime Guarantee on Wear Parts
Pargreen Evergreen Clear Iron Solution System

EverGreen Clear Iron Solution System

EverGreen’s Clear Iron Solution System rids homes of rusty or yellow-colored water, dingy and stained laundry, and rotten egg odor without wasting water using our innovative collector and air scour technology.  The technologically advance system reduces water waste by as much as 75% over typical backwashing systems.

The EverGreen Clear Iron Solution and Manganese Catalytic Collector offers a better method for removing these nuisance minerals and gases from water. The Clear system uses a catalytic medium to convert and collect these water chemicals.  The EverGreen Clear Iron Solution uses only clean air to remain charged and active. The EverGreen’s proprietary Air Scour Technology* activates the media for reuse after each cycle using only the oxygen (O2) in the air. The Collector particles are tumbled, cleaned, and cleared of the captured iron and manganese for the next cycle. Air Scour allows this technology to reduce water waste significantly.

*Patent Pending

Pargreen Evergreen AIF Iron Solution System

EverGreen AIF Iron Solution System

EverGreen’s AIF Iron Solution is a godsend for conditioning well water in rural areas with an unusually high level of rust and other waterborne metals and gases. A special OZONE enhanced option is available for homes with air quality problems as well.

Developed with the Earth in mind, the AIF uses on Chemicals – just the natural, free oxygen in your air.  The filter helps the oxygen convert the nuisance rust and other waterborne metals and sulfur gases into an “oxidized state” where they can be safely filtered from your water. The EverGreen is septic-safe because it does not use harsh toxic compounds during regeneration.

The EverGreen AIF* offers an enhanced option.  The EverGreen O3 Ozone Charger converts the ambient air injection (O2) into ozone (O3) using a generator that’s integrated into the EverGreen controls. The O3 Ozone Charger sanitizes the air before it enters the system to protect your family from harmful elements.

Filters available with or without Ozone Charger

Pargreen Evergreen Wholehouse Carbon System

EverGreen Wholehouse Carbon System

Our Wholehouse carbon system traps residual amounts of chlorine and chloramine that can create unpleasant taste and odor, as well as dry hair and skin. The system delivers bottled-quality water to every faucet in the house!

The EverGreen is a POE (Point of Entry) system, customized to your home’s water conditions and needs. The supply water enters the filter where it flows through the activated carbon trapping the unwanted chlorine chemicals and organics. The result is clear, bottled-quality water to every tap in the house!

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