Commercial Water Softeners

Water Softening with Your ROI and the Earth in Mind

Pargreen commercial water softener

Commercial Water Softener

Water softening technologies have progressed significantly over the past decade. Our commercial softening equipment features extremely high salt efficiency along with salt recycling and water reclamation. Together, these advancements can reduce salt cost 25-70% over conventional systems, and save on water and sewer costs.

Many commercial users see a total ROI in just a few years when they combine the improved salt efficiency, water and sewer costs. In addition to saving salt, far less sodium and chloride discharge go to waste. This reduction in high-solids wastewater reduces stress on wastewater system, and in some cases, contribute to improved wastewater management programs.

Commercial Water Softener Options

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Brine Reclamation utilizes a monitoring system that puts unused salt water back into the salt water storage tank to be reused. Traditionally, as much as 25% of the salt going into a water softener is unused and flushed down the drain. Pargreen designs all our system to be reclaim-capable. The reclamation system can be part of the new system or added later. Many of the new systems in the field can be converted to a brine reclamation system.
  • Stronger Materials that are resistant to degradation by chlorine are available and encouraged where chlorine is present in the feed water. The number one cause of capacity and water softening resin loss is chlorine/chloramine. Resin is the mechanical component responsible for making water soft. If it is lost or degraded, both efficiency and capacity suffer. Damaged resin creates lost dollars and down time.
  • Metering and Monitoring are both part of an efficient water softening system. All Pargreen system come outfitted with water meters and programmable controls to fine tune the efficiency and monitor the water usage to insure that the water remain soft at all times and use a minimum of salt and water.
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