EverGreen Water Softening and Filter Systems

Meet the Most Environmentally-friendly, Sustainable, Water Softening and Filtration Solutions… with a Lifetime Wear Parts Guarantee!

Pargreen EverGreen Water Softener System

The Contractor’s Choice for Little or No Maintenance and a Wear Parts Guarantee for Lifelong Customer Satisfaction!

EverGreen Valve Lifetime Guarantee on Wear Parts
The EverGreen line of products is designed to offer the most desired environmentally-friendly, sustainable, no-maintenance option on the market for residential customers. EverGreen is the only water softening system featuring internal controls designed to stay in service FOREVER...

The industrial design of this robust valve has an impregnable, indestructible construction that is built to last and makes it a desirable choice for everyone.

Pargreen EverGreen Water Softener System Upflow Process

How does EverGreen do it?

The secret inside EverGreen water softening and filtration systems is the industrial design and expertise contributing to the creation of the solid, internal parts.

  • Premium materials. EverGreen parts are made of corundum ceramic and graphene (200x stronger than steel!). No plastic or rubber parts to service or replace.
  • Hermeticallysealed parts. No corrosion, wear or tear.
  • No service required… ever! No maintenance, disassembly, or replacement of wear parts necessary.

Outperforms the Competition in Every Way

EverGreen’s upflow regeneration process saves water and salt during the water softening cycle. We use a specialty, uniform medium to exchange more grains per pound of salt during the regeneration. Enjoy softer laundry and silkier showers while saving the Earth.

  • 75% less salt
  • 75% less water
  • 100% fewer wear parts to replace
  • 100% fewer spare parts in the landfill

EverGreen products are designed to stay in service and out of the landfill. EverGreen means water solutions designed for the next generation and for a cleaner, greener Earth.

Discover Pargreen’s Entire Product Line of Solutions

EverGreen By Pargreen

High Performance Systems

EverGreen Water Softening System

EverGreen’s water softening solution is environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and guaranteed for life! EverGreen means water softening for the next generation, thanks to our innovative, robust internal parts which require no maintenance and are built to last a lifetime.

EverGreen Wholehouse Carbon System

Our wholehouse carbon system traps residual amounts of chlorine and chloramine that can create unpleasant taste and odor, as well as dry hair and skin. The system delivers bottled-quality water to every faucet in the house!

EverGreen Clear Iron Solution System

EverGreen’s Clear Iron Solution System rids homes of rusty or yellow-colored water, dingy and stained laundry, and rotten egg odor. Plus, our innovative collector and air scour technology combine to reduce water waste by as much as 75% over typical backwashing systems.

EverGreen AIF Iron Solution System

EverGreen’s AIF Iron Solution is a godsend for conditioning well water in rural areas with an unusually high level of rust and other waterborne metals and gases. A special enhanced option is available for homes with air quality problems as well.

AspenPro By Pargreen

Professional Grade Systems

ApsenPro Water Softening System

The AspenPro water softening solution offers the same environmentally-friendly, sustainable solution and lifetime wear parts guarantee as the EverGreen, but is optimized for new construction and standard applications. Ask your contractor if the AspenPro is the right choice for your home.

ApsenPro Wholehouse Carbon System

ApsenPro’s Whole House carbon filter is environmentally-friendly, sustainable, with lifetime internal wear parts! AspenPro filters feature water-saving metered controls for the next generation, thanks to our innovative smart programming which monitors water usage and only cycles when needed.

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EverGreen Valve Lifetime Guarantee on Wear Parts