AspenPro Water Softeners and Filters

Introducing the Professional’s Choice for Metered, High-efficiency Water Softening and Wholehouse Carbon Filtration… with a Lifetime Wear Parts Guarantee!

AspenPro By Pargreen
EverGreen Valve Lifetime Guarantee on Wear Parts
Pargreen AspenPro Water Softener System
Pargreen AspenPro Wholehouse Carbon System
Pargreen AspenPro Intelligent Controls

The Secret is Inside…

EverGreen and AspenPro are the only water softening and filter systems featuring solid, internal controls, designed to stay in service forever. Featuring the most robust valve on the market, its impregnable, indestructible construction makes it a triple threat: the customer’s choice for high performance, the Earth’s choice for longevity and sustainability, and the plumber’s choice for low-maintenance. Perfect for new construction and standard applications.

How does AspenPro do it?

The secret inside AspenPro Water Softening and Wholehouse Carbon systems is the industrial design and expertise contributing to the creation of the solid, internal parts.

  • Lifetime guarantee – Solid, internal ceramic and graphene parts designed for lifetime use.
  • Premium materials – The AspenPro parts are made of corundum ceramic and graphene (200x stronger than steel!). No plastic or rubber parts to service or replace.
  • Hermeticallysealed parts. No corrosion, wear or tear.
  • No service requiredever! No maintenance, disassembly, or replacement of wear parts necessary.

Outperforms the Competition in Every Way

AspenPro’s downflow regeneration process saves water and salt during the water softening cycle. We use a meter-initiated regeneration to minimize salt and water. Enjoy softer laundry and silkier showers while saving the Earth.  The ApsenPro Wholehouse Carbon system meters water use to reduce backwash waste while keeping the system in service and working.

  • 50% less salt
  • 25% less water
  • 100% fewer wear parts to replace
  • 100% fewer spare parts in the landfill

AspenPro products are designed to stay in service and out of the landfill. AspenPro means water solutions designed for the next generation and a cleaner, greener Earth.

Smart for The Earth and the Consumer

AspenPro’s intelligent controls offer the residential consumer’s most desired and often-requested features:

  • Bright, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Long-term memory for program functions
  • 72-hour memory backup (for power outages)
  • External PLC not required for multiple control heads or external devices
  • Programmable in English, Spanish, Chinese, and French

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For more information on Pargreen’s AspenPro Water Softeners and Filters, contact Pargreen or call 800-323-2810.

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