Commercial Water Purification Systems

The Latest Technologies to Purify Your Commercial Water

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Pargreen offers GE Reverse Osmosis equipment in addition to other manufacturers.

In addition, we have custom design and build capabilities to fix tight spaces and special application requirements. From 2.5” membrane elements to large 4” & 8” membrane element systems, we sell and service RO system put to 1000 gallons per minute.

Many of our systems come fitted for maximum water recovery up to 98%. We include RO pretreatment to insure that your system functions efficiently and economically.

Commercial Nanofiltration

If chloride discharge is an issue for your facility or elevated water solids are causing problems, nanofiltration may be the answer. Nano membrane elements offer water softening without salt (sodium chloride) regeneration. Pargreen offers a wide range of flow capabilities with our water softening membrane systems. True no-salt softening is possible using nanofiltration systems.

Pargreen Commercial Ultrafiltration

Commercial Ultrafiltration

Our Waterline multi-barrier process combines bio-filtration and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection to remove pathogens. Through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), Waterline Technology and ATS partnered with EPA to verify the performance and effectiveness of the multi-barrier treatment system for compliance with LT2 and GWR regulations.

There are two stages to the multi-barrier bio-filter and UV water treatment system. First, the source water passes through the bio-filter, which serves as pre-treatment and is non-mechanical, relying on electro-adsorption and ion exchange to remove biological contaminants. Second, the water goes through the UV system for further disinfection.

This and other UF technologies offer safe drinking water in a cost effective package. These technologies also offer micro-biological protections for water heating and cooling loops. If your facility requires additional MB control in any of it water-using systems, consider the installation of ultra-filtration.

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