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Pargreen Commercial Water Filters

Commercial Iron Filter

Gone are the days of Iron Filters that require heavy chemicals and dangerous wastewater discharge when it comes to removing iron and sulfur odors from your water. Pargreen Iron Filtration equipment uses oxygen as a filter preparation for controlling iron and sulfur gas in water. The oxygen comes from ambient air injection – creating a chemical-free, cost free option for improving the ascetics of your facilities water.

There is no reason to deal with stained fixtures and customer complaints of dirty water. Remove the iron from your property before it becomes a problem. Pargreen Filtration plants are economical and have low maintenance. Pargreen will design a system and provide preventive maintenance costs at no charge.

Commercial Carbon Filter

Chlorine and chlorine by-products such as chloramine not only smell and taste bad, they damage polymer and rubberized parts and materials. Chlorine-based chemicals in water degrade water softening resin and cause rubberized parts to swell & soften. Chlorine is necessary to keep water biologically safe, but once it has done its job, it should be removed before it damages the mechanical parts in your facilities water distribution system.

Pargreen provides carbon filtration plants for any size application – from drinking water to entire facilities. Our plants are simple and low maintenance. We put extra care into every design to accommodate carbon replacement and service. Our commercial specialists will perform a site review and design a system that make sense and provides easy operation for years to come – and as always, we do this review at no charge.

Commercial Multimedia Filter

Pargreen Water Technologies supply a complete array of media filtration systems for industrial, commercial and Community Public Water Supply applications. Mechanical straining media filters remove iron, manganese, suspended solids and other water borne particulates.

Our conceptual design capabilities allow the client to visualize the system and assess if the design fits your particular need.

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