Pargreen Water Technologies Videos

Informational and Technical Service Videos

Pargreen Water Technologies is committed to providing superior customer support and continuing education. This includes our informational and technical video library. Check back into the library to find new videos on topics that support your business.

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Informational Videos

The EverGreen Brand

The EverGreen Brand stands for Efficiency and Conservation. Water is our MOST valuable resource. EverGreen has solutions.

The EverGreen Iron Solution

The EverGreen Iron Solution is the most water efficient answer for removing iron. It will change how the industry addresses iron issues forever.

How The EverGreen Iron Solution Works

Learn how the EverGreen Iron Solution works. It is grounded in sound science and engineering.

Technical Service Videos

Connecting the Brine Line, Float and Meter Cable

This video covers how to correctly attach the brine tank line and ensure that the connections are air and watertight. We also cover the meter connection in this video.

Installing the By-pass and Top Basket

This video shows, and describes, how to connect the by-pass and upper basket to the control valve. In addition, it reviews how to properly tighten the control head onto the fiberglass tank.

Unboxing the By-pass

Unboxing the By-pass video covers all the assembly parts associated with the by-pass. It discusses where the meter turbine is located in the by-pass and the special precaution the installer should take to avoid dislodging the meter turbine. 

Drain and Brine Fittings

The drain and brine fittings hold flow controls. The drain line flow control (DLFC) is located in the drain barb. The brine line flow control (BLFC) is located in the brine fitting. The video shows these components’ locations and shows where to find the DLFC and the BLFC. In addition, the video shows how to use a ¾” NPT fitting on the control to enable the installer to run a ¾” drain. 

How to Program the Installer Set-up Screen

This installer set-up screen video steps the technician through the programming sequences used during the system’s installation. The steps are clearly identified to allow the technician quick and easy system set-up prior to start-up.

How to Program a Delayed Regeneration

In this video, learn how to schedule a delayed regeneration following the initial system installation. In addition, learn how to test that the meter is functioning and displaying properly.