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AlwaysFresh Drinking Water Systems

AlwaysFresh Water System

The AlwaysFresh Drinking Water System is a great alternative to Reverse Osmosis.

This compact filter saves valuable space under your kitchen sink. Don’t let its small size fool you. Compared to other drinking water filters and refrigerator filters, the AlwaysFresh will reduce contaminants almost 100x smaller in size!

Unlike other under sink water filters, the AlwaysFresh can be connected DIRECTLY to your kitchen faucet. This unique, high flow design eliminates the need for a separate drinking water faucet!

AlwaysFresh Technology

The AlwaysFresh filter comes in 2 sizes. Single, double, and triple filtration systems are available to handle a variety of needs.

This compact filter packs in 5 stages of filtration to produce superior water quality:

Step One: 5 Micron Pre Filter – Particulates like sediment, dirt and debris are removed.

Step Two: Fine Filtration – Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) filters down to 0.2 microns to chlorine, lead, and even cysts.

Step Three: Adsorption Filter – Special High Capacity Carbon has nearly 500,000 square meters of surface area. This provides exceptional chemical reduction and improved taste and odor.

Step Four: Antimicrobial Protection – Natural silver keeps the filter fresh for extended life. This patented Silver Zeolite technology is FDA listed, and NSF certified for food and water use.

Step Five: Scale Control – Hard water scale is controlled to protect water-using appliances like coffee makers.

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